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Orka Gem’s founder and previous owner, Megan Hunter, started making Mala bracelets in 2017.  Since then, in 2019 she decided to expand our branding into precious metals! You will continue to find pieces that are inspired by our beautiful West Coast, infused with fresh water pearls. Our precious metals that we work with are mainly gold filled, gold plating and sterling silver.


We believe strongly that everyone is on a journey and it’s the connections you make along the way that helps you to become a stronger, kinder, and more confident YOU.  If I can be apart of your journey by creating and supplying you with some positive vibes in a stylish kind of way that speaks to you, then that is the true blessing right there!


Our passion at Orka Gems is to inspire moments of celebration and confidence through our thoughtfully designed pieces. Our jewelry is designed with love and intention while taking great care in creating each special piece. Each handcrafted piece of jewelry invites you to experience more love, peace, connection, strength, and joy in this beautiful life!  We can not thank you enough for connecting with us on this incredible journey!

With so much gratitude and love,

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